Dhoom Diwali Sale

For the first time in Indian E Commerce get a Free gift just for the site visit.

It's festive time and is spreading the smiles across India by giving a FREE White Vest or Bra for your site visit between 30 Oct - 1 Nov. This offer is subjected to the following conditions:

1) To avail the offer Create an account @

2) There will be NO SHIPPING CHARGE for the Free Product.

3) The Free Product will be available for booking on the Sale days (Oct 30, 31 & Nov 1).

4) The offer is valid ONLY for the First 1000 Visitors on each day of sale (So totally 3000 visitors get the Free Gift in 3 days).

5) If a customer orders more than 1 Quantity in the Free product the offer will be cancelled.

6) Only 1 Free gift per mail ID and phone number. If we receive multiple orders from same mail ID or Phone number then the offer will be cancelled for the visitor.

7) The Free gift will be dispatched only on 2nd November 2015 after checking the emails and phone numbers, so you will receive the Gift in 5 - 7 working days after that.

8) We will dispatch each Free Product after a thorough QC from our end so RETURN OR EXCHANGE of the Free Product will not be entertained. For items other than the Free Product if you ask for a return then we would be happy to do so according to our Return Policy.

So stop waiting get the shopping experience now.