Free Recharge - Get Recharged Now...

How do I get Free Recharge with my orders?

Its simple, just order with us above just Rs.500 and you'll get a Free Recharge of Rs.20. This is applicable on all Prepaid and Cash On Delivery Orders.

Why Free Recharge?

One of the things that run out faster than our smartphone battery would be our mobile account balance. So to make you smile little more with each time you order with us We have introduced the Free Recharge concept. Shop More, Talk More.

What If I shop more than Rs.500?

You get Rs.20 for every Rs.500 purchase with us. So if you purchase above Rs.1000 you get Rs.40. But the maximum recharge per order is Rs.50. Even if one orders for Rs.1500 or more We will do a Free Recharge of Rs.50.

When will I get the Free Recharge?

For all Online Paid orders you'll get your Free Recharge within next 48 Hours. And for Cash On Delivery (COD) orders you'll get your Free Recharge within 48 hours after the order is delivered at your location.

I've got a Postpaid Plan, how will I get Free Recharge?

Don't worry people, We'll make sure you get the Free Recharge too. All you have to do is mail a Prepaid Number to which you want the recharge and We'll get it done right away. Mail Id -

If you have any other queries please mail to