Men's Underwear Styles

Men’s Underwear: The Styles

They were first sold in 1935 and they proved to be a superb hit with the masses. Even today the Men’s Innerwear market is dominated by the largest variety in briefs more than any other type.

Briefs were originally designed to give best fit and comfort for athletes. The elastic fabric is meant for the extra comfort. There is a special extra layer at the middle for superior cushioning. This concept of fit & comfort gave birth to this impeccable creation. Men love the look it gives and with the latest collection of colors in each brand they are sure to stay as a Man’s best innerwear selection.

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Boxer Shorts
Boxer shorts were originally designed to replace the heavy leather shorts that boxers wore for a bout. In 1925 elastic strip with cotton or polyester fabric were used to manufacture the boxer shorts.

Boxer shorts were the most preferred undergarment for men before its rival Briefs hit the market. Without a doubt surely boxer shorts are much more relaxing and keeps the Men’s vitals cool than any other product. The elastic is often inside the cotton fabric so there is no chance of them getting very tight. Some studies have suggested that loose underwear keeps the Men’s vitals cooler and hence are better for male fertility. Whatever be the saying a cool tee on top of a comfy boxer short in a beach would be all the more relaxing than anything else.

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Trunks or Boxer Briefs
Now let’s get to the intermediary between the above mentioned styles. Yes it’s this attractive and trendy choice that has combined features of both the Briefs & Boxer Shorts.

Boxer Briefs or Trunks are for Men looking for the fit of the briefs and the feel of the boxer briefs. When a designer in 1992 cut a pair of long john the end product was the Boxer Briefs. Some men look for the perfect fit as well as the grip at the thighs and trunks are sure to satisfy both these needs. The concept originally introduced by Calvin Klein is now in production by almost all innerwear brands. Buy and feel the excellence in design and comfort.

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For Men who are a lot more revealing than the rest then a pair of thongs would be apt.

Well when it comes to thongs it needs no explanation the product look says it all.