Men's Vests Styles

Men’s Vests: The Styles

Sleeveless Vests
Men are most comfortable in sleeveless vests as they are best for air circulation and keeps you cool.

Sleeveless vests are made of pure cotton or polyester fabric. The 100% combed cotton vests are predominantly in white as they are perfect for long working days and other occasions. Sleeveless Vests also come in simple colors.

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Sleeved Vests
For Men who are looking for extra covering around the arms then Sleeved vests would be the ideal choice. This is well suited for cold climates as this provides a better cover than the other types.

Sleeved vest give you enhanced fit and covering thus keeping you warm especially in cold climates. The 100% cotton fabric keeps you dry and is best for a long day work. Buy and feel the difference.

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Gym Vests
The most stylish among the lot is the Gym Vests. They have an extra elasticity and fit making it the obvious choice for all younger Men looking to flaunt their shapes.

Gym Vests are mainly made of a blend of cotton and spandex to give the extra elasticity and fit. They are commonly used by athletes and sports persons. They are also available in exciting colors and patterns which make it an essential in every Man’s wardrobe.

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