The 250 Sale

The 250 Sale

The 250 Sale by is your best chance to grab your daily essentials without paying for them. Our motto has always been to make Innerwear shopping in India fun & easy. Everyday essentials such as toothpastes, toothbrushes, razors, etc get over often and we stand puzzled on an early morning. So we decided to bundle up these essentials along with your Innerwear purchase as a Special Gift to our Customers who choose us for their needs. Go ahead get your Needs Fulfilled with us...

Terms & Conditions:

  • For Every purchase of Rs.250 you get a FREE Gift.
  • Only 1 FREE Gift for each Rs.250 purchase, eg. If you shop for Rs.500 you get 2 products, if you shop for Rs.1000 you get 4 products.
  • The Free product is based on availability, eg. If only toothpastes are available then for a purchase of Rs.1000 all 4 FREE products will be toothpastes.
  • The FREE product will be confirmed during the Order Confirmation Call only.
  • The FREE product will always be dispatched along with the ordered products.

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